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CX Must Haves

Many companies start their VoC program with great enthusiasm, only to struggle with proving the ROI of the program investment a couple of years down the track. 

What are the must haves for a successful CX program?

We have been working with many of Australia’s largest companies on the design and management of their CX programs – often coming in when the program is failing to maintain relevance or drive change

Here are some of our recommended must haves for ensuring the long-term success of your CX program

1. Program Governance

Ensure strong leadership to focus the organisation on the importance of driving CX, forums to share results and the prioritising of accurate and robust measurement over results to remove gaming /  ensure honesty in the program. If results are poor own them, report them and deliver a plan to improve. 

2. Data Architecture 

Have a clear data architecture and metrics ecosystem for the linking of the Strategic, Relationship and Touchpoint CX programs.

3. Stakeholder Responsibility 

Ensure all metrics that are tracked are owned within the business, resist tracking metrics that are   statistically strong but strategically weak.

4. Customer Centricity 

Develop the ability/capacity to action negative customer feedback as efficiently as possible and use it to drive change within the business. If it is a known problem that has existed for years prioritise it over doing something new and exciting. Negative experience will undermine new initiatives every time.

5. Data Driven Decisions

Develop models that assist the business to invest in areas that will lead to the greatest return in CX and use them in decision making as opposed to opinion or politically led decisions.

6. Market Benchmarks 

Track the performance of the business and set goals relative to key competitors, especially new competitors that disrupt the market. Stay on top of how CX is evolving in your market and don’t become complacent.