Not all chat bots are the same, their design varies based on the core functions they are built to perform.

Have you met our chat bot Echo?

Echo is a chat bot we built within survey software – the advantage over pure chat bots is that you can seamlessly incorporate Echo’s functionality into any quantitative survey.

Echo is designed to elicit a greater depth of feedback to open ended questions in the same way an interviewer would do in a depth interview. In addition, Echo listens for missing information and can probe respondents on why they didn’t mention a theme as efficiently as why they did.

The advantage is a merging of rich qualitative and advanced quantitative feedback for each respondent, removing geographic constraints and optimising time and money.

Respondents are introduced to Echo and ‘trained’ to engage with Echo during the survey process. Visuals and dynamic text encourage more detailed responses while Echo leads the conversation into more specific questioning and themes.

The result is a greater depth of understanding of unstructured data that can be reported and coded immediately and an engaging survey process for the respondent.